Pleasantly surprised with the bonus program of the V0LTА casino. The administration of the casino does not want to let go it's customers, and you know what, I like such an approach. Why do I need to study thousands of pages of dubious institutions, if I can be happy to play in the casino, which is proven by millions of players. Especially when there are such bonuses.

The site has everything in the more expanded form, I will give you the most interesting examples:

  • 100% for the first deposit;
  • Free-spins;
  • 100% for the SMS-deposit;
  • 5% for the second deposit;
  • Bonus codes;
  • Points system;

But if you look wider - the slots have a good payout. No need to wait for too long to get the free-spins or bonus.

Want to tell you about the Real Money Bonus. It can be obtained in the promotions or tournaments, sometimes it appears in the special offers from the casino. What is the RMB? It is the same money, but you will get it from the casino. You can play this money, make bets, even withdraw. Profitable, affordable and comfortable - the three pillars of the bonus policy in the V0LTА.

CashBack - returning of investment. Shortly speaking - you will get back the lost part of your money according to the results of the week. The amount is calculated by a simple formula and it brings from 2 up to 10%.

Still, regardless of whether the bet was winning or not, you get a return of points. Later the points can be exchanged for money or you can play it. Point - an analogue of monetary unit in this playground.